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Carpet Fibres


Wool Carpet is the most traditional natural carpet fibre, and has been used to make carpets for literally hundreds of years all around the world. Its properties include excellent resilience (the ability to spring back into shape), good resistance to soiling, low flammability, and its easy to clean too.

However it isn’t the most hard wearing carpet fibre on its own, so wool is often blended with a synthetic fibre like polyamide or polyester to give added strength. This is usually a blend of 80% wool, 20% man made fibres. The result produce a luxury fit for any home.

Polyamide Carpet is the hardest wearing synthetic fibre used in making carpets, retaining both its looks and its style much longer than other fibres. Its also one of the most versatile carpet fibres, since carpets manufactured from this can be dyed or printed after tufting. It’s also frequently used in blends with wool carpet due to its high performance.

Polypropylene Carpet is the most popular manmade carpet fibre. Colour is locked in during the fibre manufacturing process, which means that carpets made from polypropylene yarn is resistant to stains. It also means that it can be cleaned using a mild bleach solution, making it extremely practical.

Polyester Carpet, although less commonly used, is still a well performing fibre. It’s easily cleaned, and has a soft feel along with an attractive, lustrous look. This fibre is most commonly used in the manufacture of Saxony carpets.

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